The Auto Protect team has over 100 man-years collective experience in the automotive industry both in sales and after sales/fixed operations.  Our learning from this accumulated experience has been that customer service remains the #1 priority.  Customer retention and engagement in the


and the


is vital and is proven to improve long-run profits and grow investor equity.

Our strategy is to provide innovative products and services meeting the needs of today's discerning driver who is looking to maintain his or her vehicle in '

as new

' showroom condition, a

cool and hygienic

passenger cabin, and a healthy,

efficient engine

.  We offer some of the best products available for these requirements which also provide welcome additional income to franchised dealerships. 

Auto Protect Systems also provides a comprehensive range of

External link opens in new tab or windowinsurance products

to deal with financial shortfall in the event of an unfortunate total loss of a vehicle, together with extended mechanical and electrical breakdown warranty.  We also have highly experienced financial and insurance managers who can train showroom sales teams to explain the features and benefits of these products in a clear and easily understandable way to their customers to ensure optimal uptake.

Lastly, one of our core values is ethical selling.  So, we have designed a highly visual and unique method of checking a vehicle's "health" through a simple series of quick

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that will demonstrate to customers the condition of various engine systems.  Used in conjunction with our own range of engine treatment and air conditioning products, customers will be reassured that their vehicle is receiving the best duty of care.  The health check program is backed up by performance management software and full training and on-going coaching.  This product helps build trust and transparency thereby underpinning the long term goal of retaining your customers and engaging them with the dealership.

We believe our team can help you improve your organisation's profits and margins while earning customer loyalty and repeat sales.  We at Auto Protect Systems are about innovative and class-leading products, industry expertise and value generation.  A powerful and winning combination -

call us today!

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